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Member Privileges

BDC Members can enjoy a bevy of privileges:

  • Become part of a collective voice to express views and concerns on government' s policies and issues pertaining to brand development.
  • Have opportunities to participate in various exhibitions, product showcases, and promotional activities organised by the BDC in Hong Kong, Mainland and overseas.
  • Attend seminars, training programmes, business study trips and other activities at a discounted rate or free-of-charge (for specified events).
  • Acquire updated information on branding.
  • Share findings of research and development projects conducted by the BDC.
  • Get access to brand development supporting facilities established by the BDC, e.g. brand expert database, free consultancy, and consultant referral services.
  • Receive free publications, including “The Parade of Hong Kong Top Brands”, “Annual Report”, member circular, e-mail broadcast, etc.
  • Upload company information on the BDC's official website.
  • Leverage on the BDC' s network to facilitate business matching, experience sharing, strategic alliance, inter-company liaison and mutually preferential arrangements.
  • Enjoy benefits entitled to CMA Group Members, such as discounts on training and insurance services.