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Become a member of the BDC to take a step towards success in branding!

All organisations in sympathy with the objectives of the BDC and in support of the development of Hong Kong brands are welcome to join the Council as Members.

Eligibility of BDC Member

Any Hong Kong company holding a valid business registration certificate or any association having been registered with the relevant Government authority, shall be eligible to apply for being admitted as a Corporate Member. Companies or associations incorporated outside Hong Kong shall be eligible for being admitted as Associate Members.

What the Membership means

  • Collective power.

  • Boost on corporate image.

  • Extension of business network and connections.

  • Access to branding knowledge and information.

  • Privileged services of the BDC and strong back up by the CMA.


To join the BDC or for further information, please contact the Secretariat of BDC.

Address: 3/F, CMA Building, 64 Connaught Road Central, Hong Kong
Tel.: (852) 2542 8634
Fax.: (852) 3421 1092/ 2815 4836