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General Committee

Functions of Committee

  • Advise on the overall strategy and policies related to the development of Hong Kong brands;

  • Provide direction guidance on the development and operation of the Council;

  • Manage and supervise the affairs of the Council. 

Member List of the Eighth "Appointed Members" and "Elected Members" of Hong Kong Brand Development Council

Honorary Patron  :
The Hon Algernon Yau, JP, Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development
Honorary Advisor  :  
Miss Eliza Lee Man-ching, JP, Permanent Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development
Ms Maggie Wong Siu-chu, JP, Director-General of Trade and Industry
Honorary Chairman  : 
Dr Lo Kam Wing, BBS, JP, President, the Chinese Manufacturers' Association of Hong Kong
Chairman Emeritus-cum-Inaugural Chairman  :

Mr Paul T S Yin, SBS, BBS, JP, Managing Director, Dah Chung Industrial Co Ltd
Chairmen Emeritus  :

Dr the Hon Jose Sun Say Yu, GBM, GBS, SBS, JP, Managing Director, HKI Group
Mr Peter H H Hung, Managing Director, Hop Hing Holdings Ltd
Dr David Y K Wong, GBS, BBS, JP, Managing Director, United Overseas Investments Ltd
Mr Irons Sze, BBS, JP, Executive Director, Hang Tung Resources Ltd
Dr Dennis W P Ng, SBS, BBS, MH, Managing Director, Polaris Arts & Jewelry Limited
Dr Allen Shi, SBS, BBS, MH, JP, Chairman, Brilliant International Group Ltd
Ms Shirley S L Chan, BBS, JP, Chief Executive Officer, YGM Trading Ltd
Mr Simon K W Wong, BBS, JP, Chairman, Kampery Group
Dr Edward K M Chan, HM, Managing Director, German Pool (HK) Ltd
Dr Danny Kam Fai Ngai, JP, President, Artin International (Holdings) Ltd
Mr Charlie W C Lee, Chairman, Lee Kum Kee Co Ltd
Mr Warren Y L Sun, Deputy Managing Director, Kin Hip Metal & Plastic Factory Ltd

Chairman  :
Mr Calvin K W Chan, MH, Chairman & CEO, Catalo Natural Health Foods Ltd

Vice Chairmen  :
Dr Ma Kai Yum Warren, BBS, Chairman, Carrianna Food (HK) Ltd
Mr Robert P K Lok, Managing Director, Shun Tat Enterprises Ltd 
Dr Ellis W H Wong, CEO, Kiu Fung Hong Ltd 
Mr Ng Ching Wun, Director, Sanyu Industrial (Holdings) Co Ltd
Mr Warren Y L Sun, Deputy Managing Director, Kin Hip Metal & Plastic Factory Ltd

Advisors :
Mr Charles C C Ng, Chief Brand Consultant & Chief Designer, Maxi Communications Ltd
Dr Kevin K W Lau, MH, JP, Managing Director, Time Mission Ltd
Mr Addy W H Wong, MH, JP, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer- Asia Pacific, Centaline Property Agency Ltd

Nominated Members :

Mrs Annie Yau Tse, JP, Chairman, Hong Kong Retail Management Association 
Mr Stephen Liang, Assistant Executive Director, Hong Kong Trade Development Council
Mr Kelvin Wong, Director, Knowledge Transfer and Entrepreneurship Office, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Ms Kennis Chan, Acting Deputy Executive Director, Hong Kong Design Centre 
Ms Karen Fung, Chief Marketing Officer, Hong Kong Productivity Council 
Ms Samatha Fan, General Manager, Marketing, Hong Kong Tourism Board

Elected Members  :
Mr Lau Chi Wing, Director, Wo Hing Loong Food Co Ltd
Mr Thomas C C Wong, Managing Director, Arte Moda International Enterprises
Ms Juliana Yu, Managing Director, HKI Tea Development Ltd
Mr Cheung Ching Fung, Managing Director, Right Horn Development Ltd
Mrs Ng Yee Yung, Susanna, Director, E Tech Management (HK) Ltd
Ms Candy M S Ngan, Director of Human Resources, May Cheong Toy Products Fty Ltd
Mr Kevin Shea, General Manager, Yummy House International Ltd
Mr Thomas Leung, Director, Pro Logic International Ltd
Mr Desmond Wong, CEO, Hang Heung Cake Shop Co Ltd
Mr Howard Wong, General Manager, The Kampery Group
Ms Diana Wong, MH, Chief Executive Officer, Charming Jewellery Ltd
Mr Kevin Orr, Executive Director & General Manager, Winner Medical (HK) Ltd 
Mr Chang Chi Yin Spande, Executive Director, Winstar Chemicals Co Ltd 
Mr Tse Po Tat, Chairman and Executive Director, Hung Fook Tong Group Holdings Ltd  
Dr Tsang Wai, Managing Director, Prince Foods Manufactory Ltd

Honorary Members  :
Mr Johnny Yu, JP, Vice Chairman and CEO, HKI Group
Ms Stella W F Lee, Director, Lee Lim Ming Metal Works Ltd
Dr Tang Kam Tim, Managing Director, Tanco Pacific Co Ltd