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Dalian+Hong Kong Brand Festival –Hong Kong Brand+ Dynamic Lifestyle Experience Zone

A brand experience area under the banner of “Hong Kong Brand +” was set up at the “2016 Hong Kong Trendy Products Expo, Dalian” at Dalian World Expo Center from 26 to 29 August, 2016, which seamlessly integrated a product showcase gallery and interactive demonstration kiosks.
Through replicating the bustling Hong Kong street scene with a variety of landmark buildings and iconic transportation vehicles, the showcase gallery was shaped into a “‘Hong Kong Brand + Dynamic Lifestyle’ Experience Zone” that assembled around 300 product items under 111 Hong Kong brands, in an attempt to empitomise the superior quality of life and charming metropolitan lifestyle of Hong Kong.
The exhibits consisted mainly of stylish products with strong innovation, design, quality or cultural elements with distinctive “Hong Kong flavours”. And the gallery was divided into eight product zones, named after “Trendy”, “Stylish”, “Prestigious”, “Smart”, “Tasty”, “Charming”, “Relaxing” and “Healthy”, to accommodate fashion & accessories, watches & clocks, fine living, home appliances & electronic products, food, beauty products, household products and Chinese medicine & healthcare products respectively.
The official WeChat account of “Hong Kong Brand Festival” was launched. Besides providing news feeds about the various activities of the Festival, the BDC also gave out a variety of gifts to followers who took part in the “Lucky Roulette” and “Happy Sharing” WeChat games ; and the “Lucky Roulette” had attracted nearly 5,000 participants during the four days of exhibition.