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Tianjin Hong Kong Brand Festival — Thematic Zone "'Deary‧Loving Hong Kong Children' Hong Kong Brand Garden"

A specially-designed thematic zone was established at the centre of the brand showcase area of the "2015 Hong Kong Trendy Products Expo, Tianjin", under the banner of "'Deary.Loving Children' Hong Kong Brand Garden". By employing a "happy playground" setting with strong visual impacts, the "Brand Garden'' featured about 30 "affectionate" Hong Kong brands that are devoted to bringing health, fun and enlightenment to children through high-quality, creative and caring products or services. It brought multi-layer experience for audience , while illustrating the intriguing emotional value of Hong Kong brands.

The brand stories of the exhibits were complied into a child-rearing guidebook namely "Mum Bao's Diary", written by a virtual character "Mother Bao" based on her exciting experience as a rookie mother. This informative and heart-warming booklet tells readers how typical Hong Kong mothers have a good time with their beloved babies with the aid of caring and capable Hong Kong brands.

Download "Mum Bao's Diary"