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“Hong Kong.IN.Brand Greater Bay” Corporate Training Workshop

The BDC organised “Hong Kong.IN.Brand Greater Bay” Corporate Training Workshop on 23 December 2020. This one-day workshop started with a speech by Dr Sherriff Luk, Professor of Marketing of Emlyon Business School, who gave an account of the consumer market in the Greater Bay Area with focus on consumption preference, purchasing behavior, information channels, consumer’s perception of Hong Kong brands as well as the latest changes in response to outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic. Then Mr Roger Chan, General Manager of ARTIP Limited expounded on the avenue for Hong Kong brands to tap into the shopping malls and the effective strategies for leveraging shopping mall activities to promote brands in the GBA.

In the afternoon session, Dr Eddie Yu, Adjunct Professor of Hong Kong Management Association gave a talk on how to enhance customer experience through effective implementation of branding strategies. Mr Leslie Choy, Group Founder & Chairman of AUSupreme, illustrated the importance of cross-border e-commerce as an emerging channel to promote brand based on the company’s successful case; and Mr Lau Yan, Chief Operating Officer of Dailywin Watch Products Manufacturing Limited shared with audience the experience of “SAGA” brand in leveraging on social media to develop domestic market. At last, Prof Sherriff Luk depicted the economic prospects of the Greater Bay Area and the unfolding vast opportunities in the region, based on a research conducted by Prof Thomas Chan, Director of One Belt One Road Research Institute of Chu Hai College of Higher Education.

Chairman of the BDC Mr Simon Wong, BBS, JP and General Committee Member Dr Kevin Lau, JP attended the Workshop. The Workshop was broadcasted live on the internet and attracted over 100 participants.

The Corporate Training Workshop is a deliverable of the “Hong Kong‧IN‧Brand Greater Bay” Serial Activities Project, which is sponsored by the Trade and Industrial Organisation Support Fund of Trade and Industry Department. Through presenting a variety of deliverables including Brand Image Gallery, Interactive Experience Activities, Hong Kong Brand i-Directory (HKiD), Corporate Training Workshop, Company Case study, Consumer Survey, Business Tour and Experience Sharing Seminar, the Project assists Hong Kong companies to discover the rapidly-changing consumption culture in the Greater Bay Area and endeavors to uplift the collective image and market influences of Hong Kong brands.




Download the PowerPoint of “Calling for Lifestyle Branding and Omni-channel Marketing: The Changing Expectations of Consumers in Greater Bay Area”  (Prof Sherriff Luk)

Download the PowerPoint of “To Promote Hong Kong Brands at the Shopping Malls in Greater Bay Area” (Mr Roger Chan)

Download the PowerPoint of “Economic Prospects of and Business Opportunities in Greater Bay Area” (Prof Thomas Chan)

Download the PowerPoint of “Effective Implementation of Brand Strategy to Strengthen Brand Experience” (Prof Eddie Yu)

Download the PowerPoint of “Building a Stronger Hong Kong Brand “AUSupreme” through Cross-border e-Commerce” (Mr Leslie Choy)

Download the PowerPoint of “Branding through Social Media: The Rising of SAGA Watch” (Mr Lau Yan)