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“Hong Kong ‧ IN ‧ Brand Greater Bay” - Macao Brandfest Booklet

Under the sponsorship of the Trade and Industrial Organisation Support Fund of Trade and Industry Department, the BDC staged Macao Brandfest from 7 April to 10 April, 2023 at Macau Fisherman's Wharf Convention and Exhibition Centre. With the theme of "Innovation Technology ", "Vibrance" and "Quality Living", a brand image gallery and two interactive experience camps were set up to showcase the unique charm of Hong Kong brands for Macao citizens and tourists, in an attempt to assist Hong Kong companies to discover the rapidly-changing consumption culture in the Greater Bay Area and endeavor to uplift the collective image and market influences of Hong Kong brands.

Download the booklet “Hong Kong ‧ IN ‧ Brand Greater Bay”Macao Brandfest