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Cracking the Concept of Brand

(Source: CMA-CityU Center for Entrepreneurial Development)

What they are?
Brands as a Meaning System - a web of conscious and subconscious knowledge, associations and impressions.

What they do?
•Brands impact on behavior.
•Brands give guarantee.
•Brands create sense of difference.
•Brands give distinct meaning to products.
•Brands create cultural identity.
•Brands cater for emotional or practical needs.
•Brands link with identity orientation.
•Brands make implicit deals of delivery
•Brands resolve issue that cannot be resolved rationally.

Diagram of Branding Concept

Theory of Mind and Branding
•Brand associations are mostly unconscious.
•Brand associations often exist in the mind in the form of metaphors.
•The majority of brand associations are visual rather than verbal.
•Brand associations are also stored in the form of sensory impressions like smell, taste and sound.
•Brand associations also exist in the form of emotional responses