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Media Briefing on“Effective Branding in Greater Bay Area Company Case Study Report”

The BDC and CMA held a media briefing on 26 January 2022 to announce the findings of “Effective Branding in Greater Bay Area Company Case Study Report. The Study is one of the major deliverables of the“Brand Greater Bay”Project, whereby a professional research team is commissioned to conduct case study analysis on several Hong Kong and Guangdong brands with substantial operation in the GBA, in an attempt to analyse and document their real-life experience in developing domestic sales and building brands in the regional market.

At the beginning of the media briefing, CMA President Dr Allen Shi and BDC Chairman Dr Edward Chan delivered welcome remarks, followed by Dr Sherriff Luk, Professor of Marketing of Emlyon Business School, gave an account of the salient findings of the Study. Ms Susanna Chiu, Executive Director & CFO of “Bonjour” and Ms Carlotta Wong, Chairman & Co-Founder of “Lexington” were invited to share their experience of brand building in the Bay Area. Chairman of CMA Exhibition Services Ltd Mr Ivan Sze participated the briefing as well.