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Serial Webinar on “Legal Rights of Employers and Employees during the Covid-19 Epidemic”

While the global outbreak of coronavirus, SMEs are facing tremendous challenges and difficulties. The BDC and CMA co-organised seven free-of-charge webinars under the banner of the “‘Winning the Coronavirus Battle’ Business Strategy Series” during March to April, in which experts from different domains analysed impacts of the pandemic on economic and business environment from different perspectives, such as human resources management, business strategy and e-commerce, so as to shed light on the ways to solve operating problems and turn adversity into opportunities in a challenging times.

A webinar on “Legal Rights of Employers and Employees During the Covid-19 Epidemic” was held on 6 April 2020, which was the forth seminar of the “Winning the Coronavirus Battle” Series. Prof Albert So, Chairman of Hong Kong Mediation and Arbitration Centre was invited to explain the rights and responsibilities of both employers and employees during the epidemic. This webinar attracted an audience of around 70 participants.


Download PowerPoint of “ Legal Rights of Employers and Employees during the Covid-19 Epidemic”