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Press Conference of 2020 Brand Awards-cum-Survey on "Hong Kong Brands: The Road to Relaunch"

The BDC held a press conference on 25 August 2020 to introduce the 2020‘Hong Kong Top Brand Awards & Hong Kong Top Service Brand Awards” and “Hong Kong Emerging Brand Awards & Hong Kong Emerging Service Brand Awards and announce the survey findings of “Hong Kong Brands: The Road to Relaunch”, which was conducted on its affiliated companies during June and August, 2020. Three representatives from the winning brands of 2019 Brand Awards including Jack Pong, Assistant Manager of "Yuet Wo; Mr Jeffrey Chu, Founder of "You Find" and Dr Cathy Jim, Director of "b-MOLA" were invited to share on the winning strategies amidst adversity. The press conference was officiated by BDC Chairman Mr Simon Wong; Vice Chairmen Mr Ng Ching Wun, Dr Lo Kam Wing, Mr Calvin Chan, Dr Aaron Shum, Dr Ellis Wong and CEO Mr Raymond Young.