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Beauty Forever Salon Center

Time of Establishment



Beauty Forever Salon Limited

Award (Year)

Hong Kong Top Service Brand (2022)

Main Service(s)

Facial Treatment, Spa, Massage

"Top Mark" Registered Categories

Facial Treatment, Spa, Massage, Retail (Personal-care Products)


4/F, On Hing Building, 1-9 On Hing Terrace, Central, Hong Kong

Tel No.

2114 4118

Fax No.

2111 5955



Wits for Win

Beauty Forever Salon Center upholds the spirit of ''customer-oriented, professional, keeping promise and advancing with the times'', striving to offer the best one-stop beauty service to customers.

Company Profile

Founded in 2004, Beauty Forever Salon Center currently has 6 shops with different themes, such as the Central Branch with a courtyard design, Tsim Sha Tsui Branch modeled on the Thailand Monastery, Sha Tin Branch with the charm of Suzhou-Hangzhou ancient houses and the European-style Tsuen Wan Branch, allowing customers to enjoy delightful leisure time as if they were in an exotic place. The Centre provides a variety of high-quality beauty experiences including spa, facial treatment, massage, body care and slimming treatment.

Track of Glory

Beauty Forever Salon Center offers a variety of spa options, which bring different effects to customers based on different health and beauty concepts. For instance, Beer Spa helps to reduce water retention and facilitate body slimming; Korean Ginseng Spa may slow down aging, vitalise skin cells and enhance skin elasticity; Milk Spa conduces to skin whitening and rejuvenation; Angelica Radix Spa improves blood circulation; and Japanese Sake Spa contributes to skin revitalisation and replenishes moisture. Customers can also enjoy mix-and-match massage therapies including Chinese acupuncture point massage, Tang meridian detoxification massage, Korean massage, Thai herbal ball massage and Swedish gentle massage, culminating in an exclusive and personalised experience.

Committed to providing professional and quality services, Beauty Forever Salon Center attaches great importance to staff training. Not only does it require every beautician and therapist to attend a series of training courses, but it also conducts large-scale online surveys every year to collect and analyse customer opinions, endeavouring to continuously improve service quality.

Beauty Forever Salon Center has received a number of accolades, such as ''Hong Kong Top Service Brand'', ''Hong Kong Star Brand Award — Enterprise'', ''British Institute of Innovative Enterprises — Best Brand in Beauty Industry Division'', ''Nobel Laureates Honorary Fellowship — Brand Excellence Award'' and ''Yellow Pages Award''.