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Time of Establishment



Able Pride Limited

Award (Year)

Hong Kong Top Brand (2022)

Main Product(s)

Hair-care Products (Shampoo, Hair Treatment Essence)

"Top Mark" Registered Categories

Hair-care Products (Shampoo, Hair Treatment Essence)


Room A1, 6/F, Gold Swan Commercial Building, 438-444 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Tel No.

3462 2575

Fax No.

3614 5829



Wits for Win

With the brand concept of "precious & perfect", HASPERO helps women tackle hair problems and build up perfect and confident image. Let's "Make it happen" — Mr Wong Chong On, Director of Able Pride Limited.

Company Profile

HASPERO is a sister brand of the renowned "Hair Again 2000". Seeing that "Hair Again 2000" had been regarded as a brand focusing on the men's hair-care market, Able Pride Limited established "HASPERO" in 2020 and positioned it to be a high-level hair-care and treatment centre that provides more intimate services for women with a higher degree of privacy. HASPERO then launched a series of shampoo and hair-care products, as part of its efforts to encourage women to pursue beauty and perfection in hair.

Track of Glory

HASPERO selects precious Chinese herbal medicines, and employs advanced technology to refine them into various shampoos and hair-care products. With a pH value around 5.5, which is close to pH value of human skin, its products are mild in nature, effective in protecting the scalp, and suitable for men, women as well as children. HASPERO designed a variety of products to target different scalp problems and suit the needs of different types of hair quality, such as "Hair Darkening & Volumising" for maintaining hair follicle, "Colour Protection" for longer-lasting hair dyeing effects, "Itch Relief Anti-Dandruff" for removing hair itch and dandruff, "Oil Control" for cleansing scalp, and "Anti-Hair Loss & Oil Control" that promotes hair growth.

HASPERO provides comprehensive training to front-line employees, covering medicinal properties and efficacy of products, medication procedures and effectiveness. It also offers free pre-sale scalp evaluation for customers so as to recommend suitable products to them accordingly and ensure that they clearly understand how to use the products to achieve the best curative effect; and through periodic follow-ups, it assists customers to grasp the progress after using its products.

As an active supporter for charity activities, the Group took part in the "Darkness to Go" campaign organised by Orbis and sponsored the "Future Stars — Upward Mobility Scholarship" of the Commission on Poverty; and it has been awarded the "Caring Company" Logo by The Hong Kong Council of Social Service in 2022.